What Should We Do?

Macie Crawford, Staff writer and Equipment Manager

The Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) Division of Research and Analysis released its latest report in 2013 on complications and dropouts of high school students in Texas Public Schools.

Though the dropout rates have declined from 15% in 1970 to 6.6% in 2013, that’s still almost 22,000 students of the 328,584 total students in the class of 2013. I think so much more can be done to lower theses rates such as empowering students to not only stay in school but further their education whether that be in high school or another form.

“I feel great about that, I think that’s fantastic and certainly Azle High School is even lower than that, but 6% is fairly low which means 94% of students are seeking some sort of education,” Head Counselor Heather Huffaker said.

Everyone can get involved and help a fellow student, a friend, a stranger, or anyone that is struggling in school and is thinking about dropping out.

“I think if high school was a safer and more understanding environment then there wouldn’t be as many dropouts,” Junior Liberty Lawton said.

Teachers and parents should get involved to help their students and children stay in school for their educational well being and social well being.

“I feel is parents would get involved and try to understand to help their children instead of just listening and brushing them off,” Senior Natali Coronado said.

If parents actually got involved in their children’s lives and encourage them to pursue things to better themselves,” Senior Natali Coronado

Now there is a multitude of other courses you can take online or in a private, straight to the point class instead of an actual high school.

“There are many options for students,” Huffaker said, “Azle High School might not be the option that’s a perfect fit for their particular life or situation, and that’s okay.”