Being Student of the Six Weeks

Maryann Matt, Staff Writer

The Student of the Six Weeks is awarded to students who have had good attendance, good grades, and have been exemplary in their classes. Teachers recommend students to the principal and get picked from there.

“I got good grades and didn’t get in trouble,” freshman Holt Lee said.

People who get student of the six weeks work hard for the grades they have and earn the award that they are given. These exemplary students strive to not make a ruckus or cause trouble for anyone around them.  

“I work hard without causing a disturbance in class,” sophomore Jasmine Howard said.

Getting all of their work done and creating a better learning atmosphere for their peers and other students is really all it takes. Students who do this serve as an example to other students. They stand for what the school is all about.

“Being student of the six weeks makes me feel good about myself,” Lee said.

The award goes to show that all these students’ hard work is not going unnoticed by the staff at the school. It is always nice to know that what you are doing is good for the betterment of you, your school, and your peers.

“To get student of the six weeks, students should work hard and be an example to others,” Howard said.