Surprising Achievement

Tori Patton, Staff Writer

Sent through Remind, she was anxious to see what the list beheld. She knew that she at least wanted a higher band than last. As she clicked on the link to show her the list, she was excited yet nervous.

She scans through last band, her name nowhere to be seen.

She scans through second band, her name not in sight.

She thought she might have scanned through too fast but she checked first band just because.

She looks, and there is a bassoon player, she knew it couldn’t be her. As her eyes completely focused on what she was seeing, it said, ”Katie Ingram, Grade 9.”

Katie Ingram, a freshman at Azle High School, made first band this year. She plays bassoon during concert band season and flute during marching band season. Ingram has proved that hard work really can pay off.  

“I was ecstatic when I saw my name on the first band list,” Ingram said. “I was really excited and proud, especially because Hunter Corder [senior, woodwind captain] called me to congratulate me.”

When she sent in the recording of her audition, she never thought in a million years she would make first band.

“I honestly have no clue how I made first band,” Ingram said. “I also think me playing the bassoon has a huge role in it though.”

There are some cons of being in first band as a freshman, she is worried people think she has self-pride.

“People usually assume I am entitled,” Ingram said. “Or that I brag about being in first band.”   

Even though Ingram made first band, she says she won’t forget her place in the pecking order.

“To be fair, I am just a freshman,” Ingram said. “I really will take any help I can get from the upperclassmen.”

First band is during fifth period, giving the band members more time to become higher quality players.

“Having band 5th period is super convenient,” Ingram said. “I like how independent you can be.”

Overall, Ingram has had an amazing opportunity to learn and grow outside her comfort zone.

“It will teach me discipline and make me work harder,” Ingram said. “Everyone is really good, so I am going to have to work double to be great on bassoon.”