Hi, How Are You?


Logan Creech, Writer and Advertising

Azle High School has taken upon itself to raise awareness for mental health in young teens through Hi, How Are You Day on Jan. 22. The idea was created by Tom Gimbel and Courtney Blanton who were inspired by the Austin, Texas frog mural that was painted by Daniel Johnston, a well-known musician and visual artist in the face with his own mental health issues. This day is supposed to show people that a simple greeting can change anyone’s day and maybe even their life choices.

“I liked Hi, How Are You Day because I think that mental health is a very important topic that not a lot of people talk about,” sophomore Mariah Hanna said.

Although Hi, How Are You stands for a good cause, some students do not think that this day really talked about what it stood for. During the day all the students wore green and went on about their day as any other ordinary school day. No assembly was held nor any information was given other than the announcement that said that it was to bring attention to mental awareness.

“I did not like the Hi How are You Day,” senior Maricella Sandoval said. “We didn’t even have an assembly, we didn’t talk about it in any of our classes, in my art class we did a critical writing asking ‘Hi, How Are You?’ and I said good, but other than that we just wore green.”