Choices Day

Hailey Burkett, Staff Writer

Choices make up our lives, regardless of if they are good or bad. Azle high school plans to help guide students toward the path of good choices. The school is partnering with the Azle police department to put together an assembly for students.

The assembly will bring awareness to the choices students make through their lives and how they can avoid making decisions that could have negative consequences while simultaneously letting students know that whatever decision they make, they will still have people to help them through it.

“When you make a good or bad choice you want support,” vice principal Teresa Moore said. “We want students to know that we will offer it.”

The assembly will be comprised of a video urging students to make good choices. The video will not only consist of information on Juuling, but of making good decisions all around.

“The Choices Program is about encouraging students to make good choices in all aspects of their lives, we want to see you be successful”, vice principal Fursey Gotuaco said.

On March 28, the school held a community day where clubs and organizations were called into the auditorium to take action. Each club was asked to make a video highlighting the negative effects of Juuling and vaping as well as take a group photo.

“I think it’s respectable that the school is informing students about a nationwide issue that is hurting a lot of teens,” sophomore James Kelly said.

Principal Randy Cobb could be seen in the halls during passing period taking pictures with a few lucky, students behind the Choices frame.

The assembly will take place April 15 and 16. It will be during school hours and all grades will be attending.