The Sting appreciates the teachers of Azle High School


The Staff of The Sting appreciates you.

Last week was Teacher appreciation week, where teachers all over the country feel the love from the rest of their communities. The staff of The Sting wanted to show their love for the teachers of AHS by writing a series of letters to teachers who have helped shape their high school lives.


Coach Boenisch

By Lanie Malone

Throughout high school, I’ve had many teachers who all struck me as kind people, yet they were still mediocre at educating their students properly. It’s really difficult for a teacher to develop an understanding for each individual student they have in the classroom; somehow Coach Boenisch, who teaches Earth & Space Science, became the only class I got excited to go to.

Coach B has a loud, clear voice that grabs the attention of everyone in a room, which he uses to his advantage to ensure everyone is paying attention. He treats everyone the same, ignoring social boundaries and making each person feel special as if he’s only speaking to them. He uses this voice often because his primary technique of teaching is to tell stories related to the subjects we are supposed to master.

Boenisch has traveled to what seems like many, many places. He has always been an outdoorsman, participating in Cross Country running with his wife often. He is observant as can be, noticing the smallest details about nature and in other people. These details become imperative parts of his stories about the way our world occurs naturally and the influence man has made on it and in space.

Coach B has never gotten angry or aggravated with my class, and this is because he treats everyone like a person, rather than a student. Students feel free to share their thoughts with the classroom, to laugh and giggle with one another. I can’t emphasize how much it sucks when you can’t be yourself in the classroom at the expense of the person educating you. It makes it easier to learn when there’s less social pressure between my peers and me.

He makes up funny words for things so we’ll remember the terms. Every time we study just enough and I never question anything because I learn it so well in class.



By Raquel Juarez

Ms. Bradford has earned her spot as one of the best teachers at Azle High School. Dealing with students who don’t work or at least pay attention, she is caring enough to help them out and not let them fail even though they do what they do.

Ms. Jessica Bradford attended Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, where she majored in kinesiology (health/PE). This is her second year teaching but her first one in Texas. Ms. Bradford has great strengths when she teaches which include patience and her sense of humor.

Ms.Bradford wanted to be a teacher because she wanted to reach students who are struggling and that’s a pretty great thing she has done. She is passionate at everything she does even at chemistry and she makes it fun in some ways.

Ms. Bradford gives off a good vibe when you meet her or even just talk to her. She is real with her students and tells it like it is. I appreciate her very much because I know that every time I walk into her classroom, I know I’ll leave smiling. She has humor like no other teachers do and it’s always fun to joke around with her.

She makes chemistry not be so boring, with always having activities and fun labs for us and to help students understand. Not a lot of teachers are like her, and I’m glad I got to have her as one of my teachers. I appreciate Ms. Bradford not just because she is a caring teacher, but I know that she will always make me laugh every time I’m in her class.  


Mrs. Castleberry

By Zoe Barber

Brandi Castleberry is a chemistry and forensics teacher here at Azle High School. She has been teaching for four years, two here and two at Burleson ISD.

Mrs. Castleberry is my favorite teacher. I’ve had her twice, last year for chemistry and this year for forensics. I love how she makes things fun. I didn’t like chemistry itself, but I enjoyed the class because of her. We would do fun labs that went along with what we were learning at the time. She gives interesting warm-ups that don’t make you dread going to class.

She not only makes class interesting and fun, but she shows how she cares about us. She always asks how we are and if we need anyone to talk to. Some student’s safe place may be school because of Mrs. Castleberry.

“What makes it worth to teach is being there for my students and helping them through something,” Castleberry said.  

If you want an amazing teacher, take forensics she is the only teacher that has that class so you will definitely get her.


Mr. Corbett

By Natali Coronado

From a Starbucks barista to lead singer in a band. Neil Corbett has done it all.  

Known to me as an English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Newspaper, and Homeroom teacher, Mr. Corbett has been my favorite teacher for the past three years, all the years I’ve had him were filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories.

I was inspired, found something I was generally passionate about, my bestest friends, and found a love for writing in a 45-minute class.  

Mr. Corbett is my favorite teacher because he is welcoming of every student who walks into his classroom and doesn’t discriminate against anyone starting a conversation, he pushes his students to do their work but isn’t strict.

He makes you feel guilty, and disappointing him is something you don’t want to do; he’s very unorganized but that just makes him quirky, very hipster, has the saddest music ever, and the cutest dog.

Being his student was one of my favorite parts of high school and it is something I won’t ever forget. When I walked into the room I was free to express my opinion and wasn’t judged for it, Mr. Corbett created an environment where different students could come in and feel completely comfortable talking to an adult about their day-to-day problems or just needed a place to finish their homework.

Although I wasn’t doing the best in his classes, he never felt that his class was more important than other classes, unlike other teachers Mr. Corbett helped out with my other classes in which I struggled with and didn’t question it, but instead helped me. I have observed that he only really wants one thing, and it’s for his students to succeed inside and outside of school.

Mrs. Deramee

By Elizabeth Robles

May 6th – 10th is teacher appreciation week and I have chosen Natasha Deramee to honor because of the way she shows each student compassion no matter what background they have. I have her for 6th and 7th period for my fashion and interior design classes. Mrs. Deramee is one of the many teachers who will do anything for their students whether it be for school or for emotional support.

Being with her throughout the course of this year and observing her teaching, I have seen that she is a great teacher because she is right there beside students when they don’t understand a concept or subject. She also gives her motherly advice to students who are feeling down or when they’re questioning what they want to do with their future. Being a mother herself and having put kids go through high school, her advice is pretty helpful.

Deramee has high expectations for her students and holds them accountable. She pushes them to do their best every day while making class a fun and safe environment. I’m not sure how she gets things done like grading and making lessons while being one of the supervisors for FCCLA but she does her job and she does it with love and compassion.


Ms. DiMartino

By Macie Crawford

Ms. DiMartino is a Spanish teacher here at Azle High School. She has been teaching Spanish and French for 25 years. Some years she taught them together and some years it was separate.

She is currently back in school to become a school guidance counselor. She enjoys talking to and hearing from people, so this is the perfect career for her.

She said although she enjoyed and still enjoys being a Spanish teacher, she would love to become a counselor. She is someone you can always talk to about anything and everything you want or need to talk about.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be in her Spanish two class to get to know her, and for her to get to know me. She is an absolute sweetheart and an amazing teacher. I have learned so much this school year about the Spanish language and heritage that I would have never known. She makes everything fun and interactive which I love about her teaching style and class.


Mrs. Fuller

By Mariah Hanna

Denise Fuller is an English I teacher here at Azle High School; she also graduated from AHS. She moved around as a child but ultimately ended up back here to teach and have her children grow up here as well.

Mrs. Fuller is originally from Arlington and went to college at the University of Texas in Arlington. Ever since first grade, Mrs. Fuller knew she wanted to be a teacher. She primarily teaches freshman, so her motto is “Freshman Forever.” She loves to witness the conversation over literature her students have since they sometimes sound beyond their age.

Mrs. Fuller was one of the first teachers here that I talked too, and that made me feel welcomed after moving here. I had her 5th period, and we had B lunch, so every day when the bell rang to go to lunch, I would stay behind for a few minutes to have a nice chat with her. Those conversations ranged from serious topics to goofy topics like music. Having these conversations made me feel better and made my transition from an Oregon lifestyle to a Texas lifestyle so much easier. And even though I’m a sophomore, I still love to chat with her.

Sometimes in the morning, I’ll stop by her room to give her a quick hello before I go to class. And her class was great too, I felt like she was a great teacher, who tried to help everyone equally as much as she could.

Having Mrs. Fuller as a teacher last year helped me improve social skills and helped me adjust to life here. She is such a good teacher and has a wonderful soul. I hope everyone who had her or will have her, will appreciate her the way that I do.


Coach Griffin

By Abi Clinton

Stephen Griffin teaches geometry and algebraic reasoning; additionally, he coaches the Azle High School swim team.

Mr. Griffin has had over 22 years of teaching experience, and it shows. He has the ability to make even the most difficult curriculum seem simple if students are willing to learn.

Mr. Griffin also keeps the classroom a lively but stable environment through humor, candidness, and understanding. His seemingly infinite patience has been recognized and appreciated on more than one occasion.

He also helps teach students responsibility by maintaining deadlines, classroom expectations, and assignment expectations. Not to mention the life lessons that he sneaks into his lectures.


Mrs. Hampton

By Mariah Hanna

After growing up in a little central Texas town named Goldthwaite and attending Tarleton State University, algebra I and geometry teacher Deneen Hampton made it to her new home at Azle High school.

Growing up, Hampton loved math and her math teachers and figured that teaching math would be something she’d like to do once she got older. Azle High School was the first teaching position Hampton was offered, and she’s loved it ever since. She’s now been working here for over 15 years and said she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. She says that the reason she loves teaching is seeing her students succeed and loves that students appreciate learning. She also mentioned that her favorite part is talking with her students who have positive things to say.

I moved here last year, and took Pre-AP Algebra I and got Mrs. Hampton as my teacher. After going through her class, she’s not only one of my favorite teachers from last year, but also one of my favorites I’ve ever had. She just teaches in a way that makes sense to me. She never made me feel dumb, like some teachers do, and taught me how to exceed at math. For my sophomore year this year, I took two math classes, geometry and algebra II, and that’s because of her. Hampton made me feel confident enough in my mathematical abilities, that I could take the two classes.

I feel as though anyone who goes through her class is lucky to have her as a teacher. I’ve witnessed her not only helping me but many peers of mine. I had the privilege to experience her and her classroom, and I have nothing but good things to say about Deneen Hampton.


Mrs. Hutton

By Hannah Curry

Throughout four years of high school, you have a lot of different teachers. Some you may like, and some just aren’t your cup of tea.

However, finally my senior year of high school, I’ve found the teacher that takes the cake; that teacher is Mrs. Hutton.

Mrs. Hutton is an APEX (credit recovery) teacher, but when students need help on work they can go to her and she will help them no matter what subject.

Mrs. Hutton’s goal is to help students pass and I believe a teacher who does as much work as she does deserves to be greatly appreciated.

I’ve struggled with my dual credit class a bit this semester, however, Mrs. Hutton has helped me keep my head up about the situation the entire time.

She is not just a teacher, but a teacher you can talk to and know she will help as best as she can. I really appreciate Mrs. Hutton for all she has helped me through and for everything she does for her students.

Azle High School needs more teachers like Mrs. Hutton.


Mrs. Moen

By Hailey Burkett

Teacher, director, theatre mom. Mrs. Moen has been inspiring young actresses, actors, and techies at Azle High School for 14 years. She graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1998 is a mother of three and is the star of the school’s drama department.

Mrs. Moen teaches four different theatre classes. She can take a shy or disruptive freshman and turn them into a Broadway star. With patience, understanding and care, Mrs. Moen makes students feel like they have what it takes to fulfill their dreams. While many take the class for the required fine arts credit, they will without a doubt leave with useful real-life skills. Her classes, while of course, teach acting skills, also teach sewing, how to operate power tools, and take an idea on paper and make it a reality.

“Ever since I joined theatre Mrs. Moen has been like a mother to me,” junior Briana Chrysler said. “She’s been there for me, spent so many hours in rehearsals with me, been so supportive, and an open door if I ever need to talk to someone.”

Mrs. Moen directs and helps students direct three performances every year, putting in countless hours of stage directions and lines. The fall show allows students to get a little taste of Broadway in Azle, Texas. The UIL One-Act Play brings out a competitive side and requires traveling and many late nights and weekend rehearsals; for all of which, Mrs. Moen arrives with her director chair ready. Lastly, student-directed shows, five seniors become directors themselves, Mrs. Moen helps these five by providing scripts, rehearsal space, and an audience for the big performance. While many schools require fees to be in shows Mrs. Moen puts together fundraisers in order to allow all students to be a part of these productions.

“Mrs. Moen has pushed me to excel beyond my wildest beliefs and further my education and love for theatre,” junior Colby Schmidt said. “Through her, I have become a state officer over the state of Texas for the International Thespian Society. Mrs. Moen has encouraged, loved, and inspired me.”

Mrs. Moen’s hard work doesn’t end with the school year. She manages to keep up with 20-30 students across the globe.  Every summer she takes a group of students to Europe or New York. The trips go on for over a week and the preparations begin a year in advance. The trips give students a chance to see parts of the world they would have otherwise never had a chance to go to, as well as experience new and different cultures.

Mrs. Moen truly cares about her theatre kids and puts in numerous after-school hours in order to help them succeed in their dreams.


Ms. Reasoner

By: Maryann Matt

Ms. Shayna Reasoner is easily one of the best teachers on this campus. As someone who understands the minds of high schoolers and understands how to teach the content and more, she has earned her spot as a great teacher.

Ms. Reasoner is one of the best teachers I’ve had in my academic career. She makes the extra effort to make sure all students understand the content that she teaches. She walks around the room to check up on everyone to make sure they’re understanding the content and that they are doing the work.

Ms. Reasoner tries to teach everyone and the individual. She adjusts her teaching style to fit the student and explains it in multiple ways to fit the student’s learning style. She knows how to teach hard material in easy-to-learn ways to help us to get the material.

You can tell Ms. Reasoner loves her job, and it shows through her preparedness and ways of teaching. She knows her students and is very accommodating to students schedule to help them the best. She is truly in this job for the students and to teach.


Doc Rudek

By Raquel Juarez

Mason Rudek, aka Doc Rudek, is an athletic trainer for AISD, he teaches principles of health science and medical terminology. He has been teaching at Azle High School for about 3 years.

Rudek has a Bachelors of Science in kinesiology and athletic training from East Central University and a Masters of Education in kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University. Doc Rudek is a great teacher and a great mentor.

Doc Rudek has a sense of humor and he jokes around with a lot of his students and athletes. He makes it feel like you can trust him. I appreciate him very much because of his honesty with his students, and he helps you out when you need and a pretty chill teacher.

Doc Rudek is funny and has a great personality and also very trusting. He is not only a great teacher, but he will also be a dad in a couple of months, which is exciting for him and his wife.

I know that every time when I step foot into his classroom not having a great day, I’ll always end up laughing or smiling by the end of class.

There are many favorite teachers, but Doc Rudek is one of the best.


Mr. Tschoepe,

By Kaylee Pippins

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and who better to recognize than my favorite calculus teacher. For two years now, I’ve walked into your classroom and have been excited to learn about math. Thank you for putting up with Alison, Avery, and me because sometimes a couple of dance moves or a joke or two are needed to break up the constant notes and quizzes.

I’ll never forget walking through the halls during passing periods, cramming for that week’s quiz or those crazy cumulative tests. And when I do bad on said tests, I look forward to going to corrections with my calculus friends and working together to see what we did wrong because, let’s face it, no one ever gets a 100.

Thank you for preparing me for the AP Calculus test, which is coming up too quickly, and thank for preparing me for life in college and beyond. Thank you for being an awesome teacher who genuinely cares about what you teach because that makes your class so much better. You will forever be my favorite math teacher and I am so thankful to have had your class two years in a row.


Kaylee Pippins



By: Tori Patton

Mrs.Turdo has earned her place on the best teacher list here at Azle High School. From putting up with kids who don’t want to do their work, to dealing with the kids who mess around all class.

Mrs. Gretchen Lynn Turdo is not only a great teacher but also a great mom. She has four kids aging from 4-9; Matthew, Miley, Braydyn and Brittney. The profession of teaching is hard but Mrs.Turdo knows how to prioritize work and family without it being overwhelming. She puts her kids on her top priority list, but she may stay up all night doing her homework for school the next day.

She earned her Secondary education and History degree in college. She teaches English II and English IV, and she also Co-teaches here at Azle High School.

Mrs.Turdo will always be real with all of her students. She will always show them respect if they show her the same. She has a quirky sense of humor that you can’t really find in most teachers nowadays. Mrs.Turdo has rightfully earned her place on the best of the best teacher list, for being just who she is.

Just don’t give her any sass, because (as Mrs. Turdo would say) “Excuses are like armpits, everyone has them and they stink.”