The second round of playoffs were this past weekend May 11, 2019. This baseball season has been the most successful season in 13 years.

“This was a big learning season,” senior Easton Elrod said. “We won the first bi-district championship since 2006 so it’s a good feeling as a senior to set high standards for our young guys.”

Throughout the season the baseball team faced some hardships such as starters getting injured but still pushed through and played multiple games.

“We faced a lot of adversity this season,” Elrod explained. “We had multiple games where starters missed due to injuries. Losing starters like that can be hard but we took on the next guy mentality and competed.”

Now that baseball season is over some seniors are continuing their baseball careers in college while others are moving on from the sport.

“It’s a sad moment to know it’s over for me and it goes by fast but it has taught me a lot and it’s time to move on to the next level and do my best to excel there,” senior Elrod said.

The baseball coach, Stephen Smith, has been preparing the boys all year and analyzed their games.

I get information on each team each round and I go home and analyze the charts on the opposing hitters and ask friends who might have played them what they thought of the hitters and the pitchers,” coach Smith said. “I would usually do this on Sunday and Monday night.  Then I would come up with a game plan.”

This year the baseball team was whipped into shape because the coach knew they could do something amazing this year.

“In the summer we had a lot of extra hours. Coach really pushed us to do extra work outside of school so that really helped us develop a good team,” senior Christian Morales said. “One of our strategies was to get at least 2 people on base and then we tried to play small ball and make sure to get the runner over so we could score”

Now that this season is over and the seniors have left a legacy behind, it’s time for the team to look into the future and work towards making next year even better.

“We will continue to work hard each and every day and continue our mottos of win each pitch, win the day, and get 1%  Better every day,” coach Smith said.