When Royalty Comes to Town

Cecilia Clark, Editor-In-Chief

Since the new Burger King opened up down the street, it has had tons of activity. With a never-ending line at the drive-through and a parking lot that is rarely empty, this new fast food joint has created a lot of buzz. 

Before opening, controversy clouded discussions over the Burger King, and many were doubtful of the new addition to Azle. Since then, it has proven to be a very popular choice among the various fast-food chains in the area. 

After opening, there were “at least 10-15 orders at any given time throughout the day,” senior and Burger King employee Cameron Mauerhan said. 

Mauerhan has mentioned that since opening, it has slowed down to more manageable rushes.

Not only is Burger King now a common place to eat, but it is also now a place for many Azle high-schoolers to work. Through training in Saginaw and a hectic first few weeks, the hard-working crew has created a strong bond. 

“I love my team,” senior and Burger King employee Aaliyah Peña said. 

Many working at the new restaurant are completely new to the Burger King team but have managed to pick up on the jobs quickly. 

“They handle customers better than any other place I’ve worked,” Peña said.

Despite its rocky start, the new Burger King and its crew have improved greatly and are getting better ratings every day. 

As the business continues to settle down, it will determine whether or not its success and crazy amounts of customers continue. But as of now, it has undoubtedly brought excitement to the town.