Are School Uniforms Beneficial?

Madisyn Hurst, Newspaper Design

School uniforms are a conflict between school districts whether they should be worn by students. Another problem is the cost and whether kids would actually wear them and go to school. 

Students should have to wear school uniforms. 

When students are wearing uniforms it creates uniformity within all classes within the district. When students are all wearing the same outfit it looks clean and more efficient. Also while students wear uniforms, the school looks more put together and prompt. 

Students wearing the same kind of clothing also breaks barriers between the students. Kids getting bullied or made fun of for what they wear won’t be a conflict when all of the students are wearing uniforms. 

Lastly, when students are forced to wear uniforms it will be easier for the parents and the kids to pick out outfits for school because there won’t be a dress code. Whether there can be holes in the jeans or long enough shirts that have to be worn. It wouldn’t be a problem when kids are all wearing collared shirts and khakis. 

Parents complain about the cost of school uniforms because they are expensive to get them in some stores. Because of the prices, parents could get the outfits at Walmart, Target and maybe even Goodwill for a good price. Even if the school wouldn’t allow you to shop at those stores, it would be the school’s problem to help you pay for the uniforms that the district is making the students wear.   

Schools should have all students wear uniforms for uniformity, no problems with dress codes, and no barriers between the students.