The Top 5 Movies to Watch This Halloween


Neil Corbett

Sophomore Hanna Goodrich (left) and junior Daytona Gravlin watch a scary movie together.

Halloween is in just a few days! That means…It’s officially spooky season “spooky season!” What better way to kick off the season than a good Halloween movie. From horror to thriller to a family friendly movie, there are so many different movies to choose from to satisfy that Halloween movie crave. Here are my top 5 Halloween movies to watch this spooky season.

Starting off with a classic for number 1,“Scream.” Of course the original is the one you would want to start off with if you have never seen any of them, then you can move on to the others. They are all basically the same storyline with the classic mystery man behind the white ghost mask and strategic killings but each with a different cast and/or killer.

Staying with the theme of the classics, number 2 is “Halloween.” “Halloween” is another classic with a franchise that has a lot of sequels that aren’t necessarily direct sequels to the OG movie but, they are still loved nonetheless. With its 13th and final installment coming out this month, this is perfect for when you are looking for a jump-out-of-your-skin thriller.

Let’s move on from the scary movies and into a more family-friendly movie. Number 3 is “Hocus Pocus.” It is especially popular right now with the sequel just being released on Disney+. This movie is loved by many and is one of the most watched Halloween movies out there. This movie is perfect for a spooky family movie night that you and your family can and will enjoy.

Now back to the dark side. Number 4 is “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” This is a slasher movie that has become considered “one of the scariest movies ever made.” This is another one loved by many and hated by some. Slasher movies aren’t for everyone, but if you are hesitant to try one then this is the perfect movie for you, it gets all of that fear out of the way by concentrating on it!

If you aren’t really into all of the jump scares but you still want a horror movie to fill that void then this is the one for you. Number 5 is “Silence of the Lambs.” This one will give you thrills and chills with its eerie characters and mystery story line. It is loved by so many following the storyline of a cannibal serial killer, the scariest of the real-life monsters.

So, if you’re ever stuck on finding the perfect Halloween movie, think back to this and your problem is solved.