Does Technology Negatively Affect Students?

Mariah Hanna, Editor/Writer

Technology grows rapidly around the world, and most teens have become obsessed. Teens use their phones during classes or school in general. But does the use of technology negatively affect students learning ability?

Technology not only doesn’t negatively hinder students schooling, but technology also helps boost their learning and social life.

Technology helps students get more access to information than they do at school. The internet goes hand in hand with technology, and the internet’s a big place. Many different topics, ideas, opinions, and information is on there. With students having access to the internet, they can learn more about anything they want. If students have technology, they most likely have the internet, which gives them more facts, which expands their mind to information outside of school. Teens are interested in many different topics, and with technology they can learn about all those topics easier than say looking it up in a book. Books don’t cover every topic, but technology and the internet does. Having technology in school helps students learn more.

Technology helps students communicate with peers. Many people say that teens need to talk to people in person, but some teens have trouble talking in person, so technology helps students overcome that fear by texting. But technology also helps in communicating in different ways too. If a students misses a day, or doesn’t get an assignment, they can easily text a person who does get it or can find out what they did that day. Technology helps students communicate without face to face interaction.

Teens use technology on a daily basis, but some people believe that the use of technology negatively affects their schooling and learning. But technology helps teens with learning new topics and easier communication.