Blood Wanted

Mariah Hanna, OpEd Editor

The Student Council and H.O.S.A sponsored blood drive is coming up on September 12. The blood drive will be hosted in the rubber gym.

The blood drive is about donating blood and getting as much as they can.

“Donating is really a big and important thing. That’s why we’re hosting three blood drives a year now,” junior Colby Schmitt said. “Donating is a life-saving thing because there’s a lot of people out there struggling, needing blood, and obviously, there are so many types, so it’s really important that we get as many people to donate as possible.”

Donating doesn’t just help others in need, it also helps you and your body.

“Donating saves three adult lives and six infant lives,” teacher and StuCo adviser Chad Cooke said. “They also screen you for life-threatening diseases, take your blood pressure, and check your iron count.”

Since blood is important to people, students get the sense of helping others in need.

“I want to help others; if someone was in a major accident, blood is a need,” sophomore Bonnie Thomas said. “I’m just doing this to feel like I helped someone out.”

Anyone can donate, but the blood drive also comes with restrictions.

“Anyone 16 or younger need parent permission, 17 and 18-year-olds do not need parent permission,” Cooke said. “Other restrictions are weight, you have to have the right amount of iron, please eat lots of veggies, red meat, and other things high in iron.”

Schmitt has planned for the blood drives this year to go a lot smoother than previous years.

“This year, I talked to the coordinator I go through, and we’re getting more people out here to help and we’ll try to go faster,” Schmitt said. “We have opened up more areas in the school where we donate, and the main thing we’ve tried to pick up on is having more people helping us out and trying to go faster so everyone has a chance to donate.”