Things To Do During Quarantine

Things to do While in Quarantine
By: Grace Walsh
Are you bored and sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do? Well join the club. I have done just about everything you can think of in order to keep myself busy.
Painting is a hobby I recently took up while in quarantine. It’s easy, it’s fun and it passes the time. All you have to do is get the cheap 79 cent paint at Walmart and find something to paint on and have fun!
Building a fort might sound a little childish but never let that take the fun of it. I built a fort with my siblings out of the chairs in my dining room and some blankets. Be creative when it comes to it.
Binge-watching a TV show might not be the best thing to do but it will definitely entertain you and pass time. Over the break, I have watched All American, That 70s Show, and Grey’s anatomy. I recommend you watch them too!
Last but not least, try baking or cooking! Look up some recipes, crank up the music, and make your family a dessert or dinner! It sounds kinda boring but once you see your final result you will feel proud!
I have tried all of these things while stuck in my house and I was not let down. Give these ideas a shot but if you don’t, don’t be complaining when you’re bored!