Quarantine Quest: Learning Korean

Being housebound for over a month now has given me opportunities to find new things to keep me busy. My personal mission was to try something different. I’ve had hobbies that have been on my mind but I never found the right time to start one. What better way to start a new hobby than being in quarantine with all the time in the world?

I’ve been a fan of Korean entertainment for around four years. Korean music, Korean variety shows, Korean movies, and shows, etc. I’ve always admired the culture and language, it’s something different for me to take interest in. Learning Korean has always been something different and time consuming that I felt I would enjoy. Choosing Korean over any other language was challenging from the start, just the thought of how tedious and different the language and culture is was a challenge.

I was determined to start this new adventure as soon as I could. I researched many websites and videos on YouTube on where exactly to start. My main objective was to learn Hangul and basic pronunciation before getting into vocabulary and sentence structure. I researched many websites that offered online classes and lessons to help guide me. I feel like a baby learning a new language! It’s amazing that young kids speak this language so beautifully at such a young age.

The Korean language is extremely tedious for just having 24 letters in the Hangul alphabet. I can confidently say that I can read Korean but I am nowhere close to understanding everything that I am able to read. I’ve learned basic greetings and other random words that I’ve heard repeatedly throughout browsing my entertainment content.

This is a personal goal that I’ve decided will become a priority to stay on top of. Someday I feel it would be a dream come true to visit South Korea myself. Better to know some sort of foreign language for future travel plans now while I have the time to really learn about it.