Blocked From Football

Dane Dorris on the Struggle of Missing Out on his Last Season of High School Football and His Hope for the Future


Grace Walsh

An injury during the first football scrimmage of the year has sidelined Dane for the rest of his senior football season.

Football began this year with a healthy, friendly opening scrimmage to start the long-awaited season off right. Senior Dane Dorris, anticipating starting on the field, fought hard for his team until an unsuspecting tear ruined his football season for the second year in a row.

Dane has a season-ending injury and is now planning for the future as well as coping for the time lost with his team.

“It was a freak accident,” English teacher, and Dane’s mother, Keri Dorris said. “People who injure their ACL take it very hard on themselves since they’ve torn their knee, but, for Dane, it was definitely tough because his whole life has been spent around football.”

After breaking through the line and planning to make a tackle, the whistle blew to stop the play. Dane, just a few feet away from the offensive player, quickly tried to de-accelerate. While planting his foot into the ground, a sharp pain shot through his leg.

“I felt my whole leg move, had this feeling like I had been shot in the leg,” Dane said. “I fell to the turf. After that it was a blur what happened next.”

One extensive check-up later, the doctor discovered Dane had torn his ACL. A surgery has been scheduled for Oct. 15, and Dane’s injury is suspected to heal within nine months.

“Last year when I had a Lisfranc fracture, meaning I fractured all the bones on my foot, It was more of something I haven’t been used to being hurt before and being on the sidelines,” Dane said. “This year, I knew what to expect and how to carry myself going forward.”

Compared to last year’s injury, Dane has proven to overcome the emotional turmoil of missing out on his favorite pastime and hobby.

“After he was healed from his first injury,” Mrs. Dorris said, “During the whole quarantine all he did was lift weights, and get ready for his senior year”

Dane is still looking forward to college football and has considered a career of being a coach like his father.

“I’m planning on playing college football, even though I didn’t get the chance to play junior or senior year of football,” Dane said. “At the time I was playing those two years in the field I had pretty good looks impressing the college coaches.”