JV Volleyball Serving up Success


Photo by: Cynthia Garcia

The JV team practicing.

COVID-19 has brought many changes for all sports this year. Although the circumstances that volleyball is facing this year the JV team seems to keep pushing through to have a good season.

“The JV volleyball team is doing great. We have a good group of players that works hard to get better each day,” JV volleyball coach Carlos Font said. “All of the girls have a great volleyball foundation and we have been able to continue to build on it, and improve as a program.”

With all the changes this year the JV team welcomed a new coach along the way as well.

“This is my first year coaching volleyball at the high school,” Font said. “Coaching JV is an honor and important task as these groups of girls have the opportunity to make the varsity team next year, and being part of their development is rewarding.”

Not only is getting along on a team important but so are the bonds that are created within the other team players.

“Being a freshman playing with a lot of sophomores I barely knew was terrifying,” freshman Brynn Lee said. “They took me under their wing and treated me no differently than anyone else. Everyone on the team shares a tight bond and when something good or bad happens on or off the court, our team is the first people we tell.”

Through COVID-19 the JV team has still been able to enjoy their volleyball season with many accomplishments along the way.

“The team has been consistent all year,” Font said. “We started the season by winning 6 in a row before losing two in a row. However, we have worked hard to get back on track and have been able to win two in a row and improve our record to 8-2.”

The team hopes to keep pushing into excellence this season and the team members are excited for their favorite time of the year.

“As for the season, I think I’m excited about traveling with the team because bus rides are how you bond the most with your team,” sophomore Makynna Hinkle said. “I think being on JV has been great. I have grown so much on the court with my mental game and it has made me a better player.”