How to watch basketball

Sports can be confusing and hard to understand for viewers that may not have knowledge of the rules, players, etc. Especially basketball, it can look like a bunch of people running around to the untrained eye.

Like other sports, basketball has positions that have specific jobs. Knowing the positions in the game is a great way to help understand the game. There are 5 main positions: center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, and point guard.
The team that has the ball is the offense and the team that doesn’t have the ball is defense. The defense tries to steal the ball and the offense tries to make baskets.

A point guard is a person that is the best passer as well as the best handler. The point guard doesn’t normally shoot the ball. The shooting guard is primarily the best shooter. The shooting guard also grabs rebounds on offense. Small forward does it all for offense, usually fairly good at handling the ball and shooting well. Power forward catches passes and has the ability to hit shots near the basket. Center is the middle man in that game. The center tends to throw passes to open players as well as make shots.

The quarters each last about 8-12 minutes long. If the score is tied by the end of the game then the teams will go into overtime. Overtime can go for various lengths of time until a winner emerges.

The court and point system can be confusing to viewers, however knowing one can help with the other. There are two three-point arcs on the court. A basket made outside or on the three-point arc is worth three points. Two points are the average score within the game. A basket has to be shot within the three-point arc and the ending line. The baseline or ending line is the perimeter around the court. Free throws are when there is a penalty in place. Free throws are worth one point.

Fouls or penalties include hitting, pushing, slapping, etc. There is no physical contact promoted. The ball will be given to the opposing team if that acquires. The team that doesn’t get a foul called against them is awarded three free throws.

With all the resources of the rules and positions of basketball. This should help with understanding how a basketball game works.