Introducing Mr. McDonald to Azle


Daytona Gravlin

Science Teacher Jason McDonald

Science teacher Jason McDonald has recently moved to teach in Azle. McDonald has over 13 years of teaching experience, with both a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Psychology and Science in Biology, McDonald has his fair share of teaching experience.

“I’m teaching chemistry now, and I’ve taught eighth grade science and biology,” Jason McDonald said. “I also taught a year of a reading class.”

McDonald graduated from Mississippi State University and Midwestern State University, and wants to “help students graduate with choices available to them.” He originally started teaching as a “starter position to experience science and stay low on travel,” but ended up staying for years.

“In a lot of science fields you’re geographically limited, and have to stay in a specific spot,” McDonald said. “I wanted to stay grounded in one area, and gave it [teaching] a try to see how it went, and I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I was going to.”

McDonald originally taught in Odessa, but later “moved to Azle to be closer to family.” He once had a student carelessly use an exacto knife, and “uses the images of her stitches to make students aware of lab safety.”

“I had a student about 10 years ago that cut her finger to the bone,” McDonald said. “She’s always my example, and I would put up the picture of her stitched up finger.”