Start Strong Finish Together

(L-R) Barak Geary, Marcus Hathaway, Austin Gatewood, Ryan Cope, Jose Neri, Parker Huffaker

From the outside, the Cross Country team may look like a group of crazy runners who wake up early to run 4-8 miles for fun. But, when you take a closer look, there is an apparent bond that these runners have developed with each other.

“The running part is the worst part, but the friends that we make in it really make it worth it,” first year sophomore Eliana Tejerd said. “I did summer running over the summer and I really liked it. I liked the vibes.”

Along with running together, the team does the daily routine of waking up in the morning and seeing each other is an additional factor that brings them closer together.

“We have breakfast with each other every morning so we are always talking,” second year sophomore Ali O’neal said. “All of us are friends. Even some of the guys are friends with some of the girls but the girls definitely, we are all super close.”

These cherished relationships help create new memories to build and strengthen their bond. Recently, the cross country team traveled to Lubbock, and the members say that this is one of their favorite memories so far.

“We were all hanging out in the hotel,” O’neal said. “We were being super loud but it was super fun.”

Overall, despite the team members’ feelings for the early morning workouts, the people and memories unite the cross country team into a linked circle of friends.

“Ever since I first started it’s always been a brotherhood.” junior Camden Rushing said. “I’m so proud of everyone that’s been working their butts off this year.”