AHS Theater to Perform “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

Charlie Brown is said to be 6 years old and is commonly described as a ‘loveable loser’ throughout the comics and films. This season, the theatre department is doing their take on “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”
Senior Ray Lancaster received the lead role of Charlie Brown.

“This is a chance to play another big role. I like to play big roles in musicals and Charlie Brown has a bunch of fun songs which I’m excited for.” Lancaster said.

Lancaster, who has been involved with theatre since the 8th grade, is ready to take on this new character.

“I want to grow as an actor, I want to become better.” Lancaster said.

Though having the lead role can be fun, it doesn’t mean that side characters can’t have the spotlight too. Sophomore Kameron Weger landed the role of Schroeder and he is thrilled for this opportunity.

“I’m so excited for every part of it [the play] to help out with any tech I can help out with to rehearse the show with all of my friends,” Weger said.

Weger also highlighted the impact his friends in Drama have made on him through each play.

“Just making friendships and the bonds that you make there are long-lasting,” Weger said.

Lastly, you can’t forget all of the behind-the-scenes work that happens. Sophomore Paul Leonard was named the set head of Charlie Brown which means he’s in charge of every prop that is placed on the stage.

“I like being able to make things for the set and then seeing my work later on the stage,” Leonard said.

Leonard wants to be able to not only learn more about making props but also being able to share his knowledge.

“I am wanting to teach others carpentry skills that some wouldn’t have learned otherwise,” Leonard said.
All of the actors, actresses, and set are exhilarated for this musical and are ready to entertain the audience.