Review: Red (Taylor’s Version) Album


Photo by Emporess Whitfield

Red (Taylor’s Version) is seen being played from a computer.

After producing nine record-breaking albums and losing ownership of them through a contract with Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift has begun re-recording. Red (Taylor’s Version) was released on November 12th and included 21 songs seen on the original Red album and 9 songs “from the vault” that had never been released. Here is my honest review of this new addition to Swift’s discography.

To begin with, I love the modernized album cover. The way that Swift kept the same aesthetic and essence of the first Red album, while still using a brand new cover to make “Taylor’s Version” her own is something I appreciate. Many probably wanted her to keep this album the same as the original, but I’m glad to see that she made many updates and unique changes.

As far as the original songs go, I adore every single track on Red (Taylor’s Version.) This album has always been one of my favorites, and hearing Swift sing each song with a matured and improved voice is amazing to hear. The Lucky One, Holy Ground, and Begin Again are the ones I love the most.

The “From the Vault” songs are very near and dear to my heart. I think it’s so admirable that Swift decided to share songs that she never intended to release, especially as most of them are extremely personal to her. Nothing New (ft. Phoebe Bridgers), Forever Winter, and All Too Well (10 Minute Version) may be emotional ballads, but they are still constantly on repeat for me.

I also think it’s incredible that Swift not only re-recorded this album but created an entire short film to go along with it. All Too Well: The Short Film was released on November 12th, and can be viewed on Youtube. This follows the story of the song All Too Well, which captures one of Swift’s romantic relationships with both its highs and lows. I thought the film was remarkable and am beyond impressed with everything that Swift creates.

As someone who has grown up with this musician and even attended her Red concert when I was younger, there’s nothing I love more than being part of her fan base and experiencing her new releases. I cannot wait to see what else Swift has in store for us, and I encourage everyone to go listen to Red (Taylor’s Version) yourself.