What to Expect From the New Minecraft Update


Photo Courtesy of Courtney Olmos

Minecraft is displayed in the app store of an iPhone.

With the new Minecraft 1:19 The Wild update coming in 2022, there are many things to look forward to, such as a new biome coming to the game called the deep dark. This biome will include new types of blocks and new mobs, this biome will include new types of blocks and new mobs like the Sculk blocks that can be harvested and the Sculk Catalyst and the Sculk Shrieker.

A new boss is also coming to the game, with the name of The Warden. The warden lives in the deep dark and is a hostile mob that does 15.5 attack damage. This is the first fully blind mob, as it uses its sense of smell and can detect the player’s general location by performing a “smelling” action. This is going to be the only mob that will spawn in the deep dark location.

The winner of this year’s mod vote was the Ally, which can find items that have been dropped by players or mobs, though it cannot grab items from a chest or duplicate items. The Ally is a blue fairy type of mob.

Another new biome is the swamp. This will add 3 new mobs which are the frog, tadpoles, and fireflies. The tadpole and the frogs come in 3 different variants. The fairy glows in the dark and it’s the food for frogs. It is also now the smallest mob in minecraft, with it being only 2 pixels big.

The swamp will include mud, as well as a new type of tree called the Mangrove Tree. These trees will have a dark color log and roots coming out the bottom of it, making a new block called Mangrove roots.

This update is going to have many things to explore and try out. I can’t wait to play and see all these new items in action! If you’re a Minecraft fan. I encourage you to check out these updates for yourself and see what they are all about.