Boys’ Powerlifting Team Seeks Growth and Development in the 2022 Season

Aaron Grow, Sports Editor; Staff Writer

As the 2022 powerlifting season has begun, powerlifters and coaches are amping up and preparing for competition. The boys’ powerlifting team is coming off of a strong season and is looking forward to the growth that is expected to come this season.

“This season is all about growth as a team and being the best version of ourselves individually,” head boys powerlifting coach Bo Maines said. “We are young overall and need time to learn as a whole, but we have some very strong senior lifters that will make waves in the region and hopefully at state.”

Meets appear to be very relaxed, yet also an energetic environment. Teammates lift and hype each other up, but it sounds like there isn’t a lot of pressure during the meets. The lifters just get in a zone and lift their weight. 

“There’s not any parents,” senior lifter Holt Lee said. “There’s not a crowd. It’s just like, four racks, and then dudes with similar weights go on the same rack and just keep on loading up the bar. You can yell, but if you drop weight, you’re disqualified.”

Many athletes are a part of powerlifting in order to stay in shape and be the best version of themselves. It helps them remain athletic, whether for other sports or even if it’s their sole athletic activity.

“[Powerlifting] helps me in many aspects because I play football,” senior powerlifter Garret Gouyton said. “I’m also a competitive cheerleader, so it builds me up as an athlete in many different ways.”

This powerlifting season is sure to impress not only Coach Maines, but everyone else who gets to see it progress as well.

“[My favorite part of powerlifting is] seeing the growth in a lifter’s confidence,” Maines said. “Nothing does more for a young man or woman’s confidence than getting stronger and proving themselves wrong regarding their preconceived physical limitations.”