Pella LeFever Claims State Championship

Wrestling Team Excels With the Addition of a New Mat Room


Megan House

Students wrestling in the new mat room.

The wrestling team has just completed their state meet. The following student athletes qualified:
Girls: juniors Jacy Williams and Pella LeFever, sophomore Alicen Dillard and freshmen Mariah Dillard and Annabelle Davis.

Boys: Senior Jackson Berg, junior Dominick Evans and freshman Kenneth Riley, with alternates senior Masen Martinez, junior Braxon Cates and freshman Landin Evans

Pella LeFever is the state champion in her weight division, while Mariah Dillard, Alicen Dillard and Annabelle Davis all finished second in their weight divisions.

“Pella made a huge accomplishment by winning state champ because she was wrestling 2 weight classes above her weight,” coach Megan House said. “She started the year wrestling 138 lbs, but for state she wrestled 165 lbs.”

The Lady Hornets finished as the 5A State Runner Up team, 9 points behind Amarillo, Caprock.

As for the boys, Kenneth Riley and Jackson Berg finished in the top 8, one match short of the podium, while Dominick Evans finished in sixth for his weight division.

With the addition of the new weight room last September, the brand new mat room was also constructed, bringing a flare of excitement to the wrestling world.

“It’s a big upgrade from what we had before and everyone is excited about it,” coach Tyler Harrison said. ”They finished our mat room the very beginning of September, and we moved in October. It’s located next to the football indoor facility, and close to the portables, the big metal building to be quite specific.”

Wrestling is a physical and mental athletics event, where every athlete and coach works together to improve and excel but importantly, themselves.

“I try to have a bonding relationship with every single athlete and push them to be the best they can be as well,” coach Megan House said. “We’re starting to have more competitions within the girl’s program, people have to work for their spot and they’re doing an excellent job with it. One of my strengths as a coach is building comradery relationships and trying to build, keeping it fun.”

Everyone has a good work ethic and takes commitment to pursue this difficult sport, even in a difficult situation like during COVID-19.

“This year is a lot more conditioning than last year, they’re pushing us to accomplish our goals for this year,” varsity senior Kenzie Kearns said. “Definitely more difficult compared to last year with social distancing, but in a good way, more competitive.”

With the brand new mat room, students said they have enjoyed it due to its massive upgrade to the wrestling team with the addition of being next to the weight room.

“We started using the new mat room when the second week of school started,” varsity senior Gavin Masure said. “I love how the mat room is nicer and cleaner than our previous one. I did some varsity matches before I tore my ACL back last December so I haven’t done much wrestling but I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Throughout the season the team has kept it’s constant success in full effect.

“We’ve been able to win our competitions back in the beginning of December, and repeatedly placed at least bronze every single tournament we had so far this year,” Megan House said.